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Small Size Flutes


Made Especially For You
  Flute Key Choices: D,Eb,E  
  These flutes are the Small High Pitched Flutes above Middle C. Their high sweet pitches make for great high spirited melodies. Playing alone or with a group, these are a great addition to your flute collection. They range 15" - 16" in length.  


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Wood Choices
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 "I received a lovely addition to my family of flutes today. It's small and beautiful and has the sweetest voice... I love the way the curly maple all but glows.... I have already found that it is the easiest flute I have, to do a half hole on the lowest note."

~ Dan Aslin
Internet Customer
California , USA

Pictured: Kayla
Internet Customer
Southwestern USA
She is playing a small F flute.
Child Playing Flute

 "I love it, I even brought it in to the office to show it off. Thank you so very much for all your help and hard work. I understand now why everybody you talk to has more than one. It's like potato chips, ones just not enough."

~~Pam Saling
Customer Referral


Change The World
One Flute At A Time

If you play flute 30 minutes a day,


1. You receive more oxygen to your body due to the deep breathing required to play flute. You are more relaxed, healthier, and happier.

2. Because you are happier, you are nicer to your family, friends, and strangers.

3. Because you were nicer to them, your family, friends, and everyone you meet is nicer to the people in their lives.

4. And so on, and so on.

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Small Flutes

 D Eb E

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Be Patient ... Sound Files Are Worth The Wait.

  Which Key Of Flute Touches You?
  The natural rich warm sound that comes only from an instrument made from wood, touches the soul of all those who hear it. It is our experience that each individual person has a specific key that touches them uniquely. Discovering which key calms you, is easy on our website. We have lots of flutes for you to hear.
  Concert Quality ~ A440 Tuned
Your flute will be tuned using an electronic tuner to ensure that it has concert quality pitch. This will enable you to play along with other instruments.
  Flute Sound Files ~ Not Electronically Altered
Our flute sound files DO NOT have any effects added to them. Our flutes sound exactly like this naturally (Clear, Crisp, Loud, Non-breathy, & No air hiss). Your flute will sound this way for you when you play it at home. Your flute will produce a rich, clean quality sound and have tremendous volume, without the use of a microphone.


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  Key of D Eastern Cedar Wood Eastern Cedar

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  Key of Eb  Purple Heart Wood Purple Heart  
Click Here   Key of E   Purple Heart Wood Purple Heart  

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  Key of E  Eastern Cedar Wood Eastern Cedar  


Small Size Flutes

Eastern Cedar, Western Cedar, Eastern Cedar

  Flute Tone and Wood Choice
Eastern Cedar Walnut Zebrawood Curly Maple Bubinga Pomelle Wood

The tone of your flute is determined in part by the type of wood used. The softer woods produce a warmer tone. The harder woods produce a brighter tone. Tone is not volume. Tone is the texture of the sound.
  The Joy of Wood Shopping
" I have a blast when we go wood shopping. I'm like a kid in a candy store. Soooooo... many beautifully grained pieces of wood to choose from. We always come away with much more wood that we went to buy. Some pieces of wood, I "just can't resist". They just beg to be made into a flute." I just "love" to go wood shopping." ~~ Lisa Fretwell 

Most of our hardwoods and exotics we purchase from a speciality store about an hour away from our home. We hand pick each piece. We look for unique and beautiful grain patterns as well as exceptional color. We purchase our Eastern Cedar wood from a local young man. He cuts and mills the cedar from here in the Ozarks. Some of our rare and exotic woods, we purchase from other sources around the country. Koa and Curly Koa we purchase directly from Hawaii.
  Availability of Unique Woods
Most wood will make a wonderful flute. Call us ~ Phone: 1-417-535-6032 and ask about the availability of woods not shown on our website such as: Koa, Curly Koa, Honey Mesquite, Black Mesquite, Quina, Spanish Cedar, Sapele, Quilted Sapele, Rose woods, & Quatersawn woods.

Pieces of Wood Special to You
If you have a piece of wood that's special to you, send it to us and we will make your flute from that piece.

Some of our customers go to their local wood store and choose their own piece of wood. Wood grain and color are unique to each board that is cut. Each piece of wood has it's own unique spirit. When you can see and touch the piece of wood, the spirit of the wood can talk to you.
  Combination Flutes 

Wood Combinations   

We can add inlay, endcaps, or rings to your flute.


You choose your wood combination.

Call us (1-417-535-6032) to discuss your specialty flute and pricing. 
  Three Commonly Asked Questions

Q: What do you use to seal the wood?
A: Over a period of several days, we apply several thin coats of non-toxic, humanly edible shellac to the outside of your flute. (It's the same shellac that is used in the food industry when making licorice candy.) After the shellac has set completely. We give your flute a mineral oil bath and we place it in the drying rack for a couple of days to dry. Clear shellac lets the natural grain pattern and color of the wood stand out. Your flute will have a soft shine.
Purple Heart - Wood Grain Purple Heart Wood
Is Purple Heart wood really a natural purple color?
A: Yes it is. We have had the opportunity to work with it a lot. Some pieces are more deep purple in color and others are more reddish purple. When the wood is fresh cut, it is all brighter purple. Over time as it is exposed to the sun, it will all turn to a darker richer shade of purple.
Pink Ivory - Wood Grain Pink Ivory - Wood Grain
Is Pink Ivory wood really a natural reddish / pink / salmon color?

.Need to transport or store your flute?
.We can make you a Leather Fringed Bag.

Native American Flute Bag
Click Here 

Natural Colors and Grain Patterns
We have taken great care with our website images so that they are a good representation of the "true" color and grain patterns of the wood choices we offer. Wood naturally varies from piece to piece. The grain pattern and the shade of the color are things that vary slightly from piece to piece. The colors of the woods you see in our website images are what the wood looks like, naturally. We do not stain our flutes.
Small Size Flute Prices
Flute prices are determined by the size of the flute, the cost of the raw wood to us, and the wear and tear on our equipment by the harder woods.

We have 5 categories of pricing.

 $150 Cedar Woods 
 $175 Domestic Woods - USA 
 $200 Imported Woods and X-tra Hard Domestic Woods 
 $225 Curly and Highly Figured Grain Woods - (Domestic and Imported) 
 $275 Rare Woods 

*All amounts are listed in United States Dollars (USD)

Cedar - Eastern

 Cedar - Western


Ash - Curly 






 Eastern Cedar Wood Western Cedar Wood  Ash  Wood Curly Ash Wood Native American Flute - Birch  Wood

Birch - Flame Bloodwood Bubinga Bubinga -Pomelle  Canary Wood
$225 $200  $200 $225 $200
Flame Birch Wood Bloodwood Bubinga Wood Bubinga Pomelle Wood Canary Wood

Cherry  Cherry - Curly Juniper  Lacewood Leopardwood
$175  $225 $175  $200 $200
Cherry Wood Curly Cherry  Wood Lacewood Wood Leopardwood Wood

Mahogany  Maple Maple - Curly Osage Orange Padauk
$150  $175  $225 $200  $200
Mahogany Wood Maple  Wood Curly Maple  Osage Orange - bois d'arc Wood Padauk Wood

Red Heart Sassafras Sitka Spruce Walnut Walnut - Curly
$200  $175  $175  $175  $225
Redheart Wood Sassafras Wood Sitka Spruce Wood Walnut Wood Curly Walnut Wood

Yellow Heart Oak - Red Oak - White  
$200    $175    $175  
YellowheartWood Native American Flute - Red Oak Wood

Red Oak can be the same color tone as white oak or it can have a pink/red hue to it. Each board is unique.
White Oak Wood

What differentiates a piece of white oak from a piece of red oak is the "Tick Marks". White Oak has long lines as tick marks. Red Oak has short lines as tick marks.

Pink Ivory Purple Heart Zebra Wood Kingwood
 $275  $200  $200 $200
 Pink Ivory Wood

 Pink Ivory Wood

Pink Ivory has many shades of pink, salmon and pink/orange. Each piece of wood is unique. 
Purple Heart Wood

Purple Heart Wood

Purple Heart darkens the longer that is it exposed to air and sunlight. 


Zebra Wood has two distinct grain patterns depending on the part of the tree that the board is cut from. Each board is unique. 
Kingwood Wood

Kingwood Wood

Kingwood Wood

Kingwood has two distinct grain patterns (Swirls and Stripes). The color tone can be a purple/brown or a blonde/brown. Each board is unique. 

5 Hole Flute vs 6 Hole Flute
We can make you a 5 hole flute but, we prefer a 6 hole flute. Let me explain why.
The Open Hole Fingering Minor Pentatonic Scale is played exactly the same on a 6 hole flute and a 5 hole flute. The difference is, on a 6 hole flute you keep the 3rd hole from the top covered all the time.
As you progress in your playing, you will want the benefit of being able to use the additional hole on a 6 hole flute.

Your flute will be made especially for you when you place your order. Building your flute takes 3-4 weeks. Transit time in shipping is dependant on your country's postal system and customs clearance process. We will email you with the tracking information when we ship your flute.

Flute Arrival To You

U.S.A.  4-5 weeks
Africa 5-6 weeks
Australia 5-6 weeks
Canada 5-6 weeks
Czech Republic 6-7 weeks
Denmark  4-5 weeks 
France  6-7 weeks
Germany  5-6 weeks
Great Britain
and Northern Ireland
5-6 weeks
Ireland 5-6 weeks
Italy 5-6 weeks
Netherlands 5-6 weeks
New Zealand 4-5 weeks
Spain  4-5 weeks
Sweden  4-5 weeks
Switzerland 4-5 weeks
All Other Countries 4-7 weeks

  International (non-U.S.A.) Transit Time

The delivery speed of the postal system in your country and the customs clearance time in your country determine how long your flute is in transit.


We use the U.S. Mail System to ship our products. We ship using the Priority Mail and Priority Mail International Service. This provides tracking and insurance.   Jerry Fretwell - Post Office


U.S.A.  $15

Australia $46
Czech Republic $45
Denmark  $40
France  $38
Great Britain
and Northern Ireland
Ireland $40
Italy $40
Netherlands $38
New Zealand $44
Spain  $40
Sweden  $44
Switzerland $38
All Other Countries $40

International Orders : Shopping Cart : Shipping Fee

International customers who use our online shopping cart will be charged a SPLIT shipping fee. At checkout, the $15 base fee will be charged. After you place your order, we will email you an invoice for the balance of the shipping fee. This amount will be the difference between the $15 you pay at time of check out and the actual cost to ship to your country.

We use a simple inexpensive online shopping cart service. It can not calculate multiple country shipping charges.

This simple shopping cart keeps our costs down and allows us to pass the savings onto you. We apologize for the inconvenience of having to split up the shipping fee.


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